Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy Anniversary, Abang Zafiq bin Abg Yusop (Mr. Dishdush)


Dear Mr Dishdush,

One amazing year together we have shared
Never before magical moments forever captured
Entwined our lives have become as we look together ahead.

Your love has surrounded me.
Enduring, uplifting and compelling for all to see 
Adored, accepted and carefree - forever may we always be.

Raindrops and rainbows. yes, we've shared them all.
Awe and anger dawn, dusk and nightfall.
Yet no moments of regret only a celebration and appreciation of all.

And so today, I thank you for all your love.
I cherish your affection, your cares and the security around me that you wove.
 you're my champion, my lover, my friend.
an arrow in my heart you drove.

Strong and sure, together may the happy memories continue to bind.

-26 December 2011-
Happy 1st Anniversary my dearest one :)
I'll always love you until the end of time. InsyaAllah. :)